Monday, June 30, 2014


Here are some shots of our home right as we first began to work on it.
This is the family room.
 Through that doorway on the right is our master bedroom.  I really like having the master on the main level.  It makes it so nice when I need to grab some shoes or a brush real quick.

 Right after we closed on our home Clint, Adriana and I left our 3 older kids in Utah and came down to work on our home.  The trip down was not the most pleasant of trips.

  It was the day after Christmas and we got a late start because the flooring we had purchased weighed our truck down so much it became clear our truck was not going to be strong enough to pull the trailer and haul all of our new flooring.  Our friend was kind enough to let us borrow his big truck.  Once everything was loaded into the truck and trailer we left around 7:00 pm.  After a detour in Springville to pick up our paint sprayer from Clint's brother we were on our way.

While traveling through the gorge by St. George we got a flat tire.  Some nice lesbian ladies pulled over at 12:00 am and shone their headlights so Clint could see and let him borrow their jack.  Such nice ladies.

We get to Vegas and take a curve a little too sharply and our tire blows off the trailer.  Just blows right off- we cannot find it.  It's about 2:30 am at this point.   Because we can't find the tire that blew off, we no longer have lug nuts to be able put on our last spare tire. After much thought trying to decide what to do we felt our best option was have someone tow the trailer.  We call a towing company who says they will come in about and hour and it will cost between $300-400.  Umm, no thanks.  Clint being ever so clever decides to take a lug nut off of each tire to put on the spare tire.

 We hobble to our home and almost make it when the tire comes off AGAIN.  We were so tired at this point we basically dragged the trailer to our house. 

We get to our house and it's nearing 5:00 am by this point.  Clint goes to unlock the front door and realizes he doesn't have the keys- they are at home in Eagle Mountain.  So what does one do confronted with this situation after an exhausting night?  Clint went ahead and Chuck Norrised it by kicking the door a couple of times and busting it open.

We quickly got into bed and slept a couple of hours but Clint couldn't sleep much longer so he decided to just get up and start working on our house.  He goes to the trailer and is unloading things when he accidentally scrapes his hand on a razor blade dispenser which has a razor blade sticking out and cuts his hand- bad.  It's a deep wound and it needs stitches. 

We find an urgent care clinic that cauterizes the wound because it won't stop bleeding and stitches Clint up.  His poor hand was so swollen and sore but he still came home and continued to work on his projects like a champ.

Clint is seen here with his bandaged hand fixing the front door he kung-fued. 
 A view of our formal living room area.
 This is another angle from the front living room area with the view as you walk in from the front door.  That's the loft area up above.
 The beautiful kitchen.  The bulk heads above the cabinets were so big and such a waste of space.
 Kitchen and dining area.
 The formal living room can be seen through the archway on the left.
 Clint's poor, poor hand.  His hand subsequently got infected due to a little piece of the silvery stuff they cauterize with being left in his hand.  He had to go back not once but twice to get antibiotics because it would not get better.
 My little baby playing peek-a-boo in the cabinets.
Get ready for some after pictures of the new kitchen.  Coming soon...hopefully.

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