Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Mini Trip

The little man adores a good trip so when Clint mentioned he had a voucher for a free night stay we decided to get out of the cold and go to where it is even colder-Park City.

There was swimming, more swimming, eating pizza, cupcakes and candy, staying up late, and shopping. 

Even though we were gone for only one night, it was a lot of fun and satisfied the boy's insatiable appetite for trips.  Oh wait, it didn't.  Before we had even left Park City he said he wanted to go on another trip.  To that I say- sure, in two weeks we will go to St. George.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pink Shoes & a Package

I adore these shoes on Little Miss.  Even though they don't stay on they are so very cute.

There was a knock on the door the other morning and much to Easton's surprise and excitement a package lay waiting for him on the front step. 

The little guy was squealing and jumping all around.  He loves getting anything in the mail.  I give him  my junk mail and he'll play all afternoon with the credit card terms and conditions pamphlets. 

This was much better than a credit card pamphlet though.  He tore into the box to discover a cache of treats and goodies sent from Grandma Connie.  Marielle tried to get in on the action but she was not quick enough.  Easton ate her share of the treats as well.

We made peanut butter kiss cookies with the chocolate kisses Grandma sent. Easton unwrapped all of the kisses for the cookies.

 I caught him sneaking a cookie before breakfast. {I'm sure it couldn't have been because he saw me eat one moments before.  oops}

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Blah Bathroom

This little Miss has now mastered the art of crawling up stairs.  She has not mastered coming down the stairs however, unless you count trying to go down head first.  It is now time for one of those obnoxious gates to be placed in front of the staircase.
{ I can't get enough of this smiley face.}

Several months ago I gave my bland, builder beige bathroom a mini makeover.  I was so tired of looking at this:

With a tiny budget {enough to buy a can of paint and a shower curtain rod} and some fabric I had on hand I transformed the blah into this: 
{slightly less bland bathroom}

The tiebacks are hooks I purchased for $2 a piece and originally planned to use them in  Marielle's room to hang a few things on but I never did. 

I love a good apothecary jar or two.  Not only do they look fabulous, they are functional as well as inexpensive.  I purchased mine at various places, Roberts craft store {using a 50% off coupon}, yard sales and Ross.

I have a list in my mind of  many more things to do to the bathroom such as add a mini chandelier above the tub but husbands and $$ prevent such things from happening.  For now I will just enjoy not having a beige bathroom any longer.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year a New Me

As I type this post I am in my room having a time out.  Easton sent me to my room  because I wouldn't let him have a treat.  I really like time outs.  He should send me to my room more often.

Although I always dislike taking down the Christmas decor because our house seems so bare afterward, it always engerizes me to clean out unwanted items throughout our home and organize things a bit more. Easton assisted me in getting the hearts out for "heart day" and placing them around the house.  With each new year brings new goals.  I decided to try a new format this year with my goal setting and set a few goals in five different catagories. 
1.  Family: Go on a family vacation.
2.  Personal:  Become more organized.  This is one of my goals every year but there are so many areas to become organized in.  This year I am focusing on schedules.  I have scheduled  my daily goals for cleaning and playtime with the kids.
 Example:  Thursday- Dust & vacuum the upstairs
Craft time
3.  Health:  Run two times a week.  {Many of you are probably thinking- that's it, only two times a week.  In my defense I  have not run since high school and so I thought I would ease into things a bit.  I actually went running for the first time a few days ago and managed to run 1.8 miles without stopping or dying.}
4.  Social:  Call or send a card to each of my friends on their birthday.  I am the worse at keeping in touch so this will help me.
5.  Spiritual:  Read scriptures and say prayers with Clint each evening.

The new year also brings a new age for me.  I am now a thirty something, celebrating the big 3-0 last Friday.  My family as well as Clint's gathered at our home for a pizza party.  Easton really wanted me to have a roller skating dance party.  I wanted to as well but when you have a little one that loves to go to bed early, it's hard to do things like dance parties.  I guess I'm showing my age.

Clint took me shopping for my birthday.  I've been wanting new couches.  I've debated about getting new ones  because I don't worry when Easton plays on them or takes off all of the couch cushions and bounces around on them.  However, our couches have become so worn they are no longer comfortable and you sink when you sit on them.  So in three weeks these beauties will be gracing our family room. 
I can hear Easton calling me now- telling me my time out is over.  It was nice while it lasted but I don't think I got a full 30 minutes.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I know it's January 6th but I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  (One of my goals this year is to be better at blogging.)  We went to Grand Junction to my parent's home for Christmas.  All of my siblings were there.   If you notice Easton was really excited to eat the ham at Christmas dinner.

New Year's Eve all my siblings and cousin came over for the traditional appetizer party.  Clint and I barely stayed awake to welcome in 2010.  On New Year's Day, Easton awoke to find a present under the tree that Mrs. Claus brought to him.  She always visits New Year's Eve and brings the one present Santa forgot to bring at Christmas.  The tradition of Mrs. Claus has always been a part of my childhood and I'm excited to have Mrs. Claus continue the tradition with my children.

Little Miss is moving all over the place.  She is a proficient little crawler and pulls herself up on everything.  She had her first run in with the coffee table and received a little shiner. (I wonder if I could say little a few more times.)

She is exactly 8 months old today.