Monday, March 29, 2010

I Did Not Forget

I wanted to ensure Easton knew I wouldn't miss Easter so we went to two egg hunts over the weekend.

My sister Danielle accompanied us to the first egg hunt.  It was held in the Lehi pool and it was a blast.  Easton loved jumping in the wading pool and searching for eggs.  He even won a big Easter basket filled with toys and candy.  After the hunt we all swam in the pool, much to Marielle's delight.

Danielle gave him this kite and a glow stick while she was here.  This kid loves glow sticks.  I mean LOVES glow sticks.  He constantly carries them around with him, sleeps with them and even hands them out at preschool for show and tell even though they no longer glow and are months old. 

On Saturday we went to This Is The Place monument for another egg hunt and it really was the 'place.'  About half of the state of Utah attended making it crowded and not so fun.  However, Easton did manage to find a golden egg worth 4 tickets to the aquarium.  Lucky kid.

I'm not sure what is going on in this picture.

And Little Miss is starting to walk at 10 months of age.  She will take a couple of steps and then slink to the floor where she prefers to crawl. 

Here she is doing the 'slink.'

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is it Easter Time Yet?

I hear this refrain daily.

Easton: "Mom, is it Easter time yet."
Mom: "Not yet.  Not for a week or so."
Easton: "I really like Easter time."
Mom: "I know you do bud."
Easton: "I don't want to miss it."

And so it goes, each day we have this same conversation. 

The boy also enjoys watching himself open all of his Christmas presents again and again on the flip camera.   It's sixteen minutes of boredom to everyone else but to Easton it's non-stop entertainment. 

                            Oh the joy and excitement found in holidays when you are a child.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enjoying the weather

The last few days have been so springy {is that a word} and warm.  We've been enjoying going to the park and playing outside with friends. A big difference from the snow we had a week and a half ago.
Easton and Clint enjoyed the snowfall.  They built a snowman, who disappered by days end, and had a snowball fight.  I stayed in the warm house and worked on a few projects.

I was tired of looking at the ugly yellow cord on Marielle's chandelier so I decided to make a cord cover.  I had been looking to purchase one but they were about $30. 
I measured the length of the cord {7"} and cut my fabric double that {14"}.  I cut the width to 7".  I then ironed down all four edges with fabric glue.  You could sew all four edges if you wanted but I didn't want to.  Have I mentioned I hate sewing.  I then did a running stitch down each 14" length by hand.  Slap a piece of velcro on and your done.  Now the unsightly cord is hidden.