Thursday, May 20, 2010


The day after Marielle's birthday party my mom, sisters and I threw a bridal shower for my brother's fiancee Nicole.  They are planning a June wedding with grey and yellow as the wedding colors so we decided to have a yellow themed shower.
These are the party favors each guest filled with candy from the candy buffet to take home with them.

Now if I would have not had such sweatie armpits from running around and visiting with everyone I may have taken a few photos of the guests.  But apparently I did not have the wherewithal to accomplish such a task and so I am left without pictures of my fabulous family members.  Next time I'll have to hire a photographer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweetie Pie Party

The following are pictures from Marielle's birthday party.  {It's a bit of picture overload-sorry}
I wanted to create a little party for her that was pretty and sweet like she is. 
I love making crafts and so for the past few weeks Easton, Marielle and I sat up in my craft loft or the croft as Easton calls it and created.  Easton loves to help me create as well.  He enjoys gluing, cutting, stamping and punching out paper.  Marielle just likes to dig through all of my supplies and eat the paper.

Most of the frames are from the thrift store, spray painted to match her room.
The banner is made from doilies purchased at the dollar store.

A little scrapbook to honor the birthday girl.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Miss Turns One

Marielle turned 1 on May 6th.  I know it's cliche but I truly can't believe my baby is already one.  I just love this girl.  The way she smells I could just eat her up.

She is walking all around and is a very cautious little walker.  She can successfully climb up the stairs and down the stairs as well.  My cousin told me to not get a stair gate and just teach her how to go down stairs.  I'm so glad she did because I hate those obnoxious gates and now Marielle knows how to navigate the stairs on her own.
She has eight teeth and is beginning to get her molars in.
I think she is already starting her terrible two's because when she gets mad she clenches her fists and starts wailing.  It's rather funny to me.

Marielle loves to play with Easton and gets so excited to see him when she wakes up from naps. 
  She is a great eater and enjoys almost everything.  Although she now has a new trick of taking the half chewed food from her mouth and throwing it onto the floor.  I'm loving that. 
She still gets up at night at least once, sometimes more.  I guess she hasen't received the memo yet that it's ok to sleep through the night.   So here's the memo- please start sleeping through the night.  Thanks, Mom.

We had a little family party for her first birthday.  I will post pictures later.