Thursday, July 23, 2015

St. Patty's Day

Every year that silly green leprechaun visits our house- leaving in his wake destruction, mayhem, gold coins and green treats.  The kids found these green items hiding in the sink after following a trail of gold coins.  They also discovered our milk was green as well as the toilet bowl water.  That sneaky guy.

Marielle had to make a leprechaun trap for school so we decided a delicious cake would lure the unsuspecting fellow.  She decorated it with skittles and put gold coins in the center to entice the green guy.  Her trapped work but the clever little guy ate his way out of the cake so in the end she was not able to catch him.

Every meal on St. Patricks day is better if it's green.  The kids love taking an all green lunch to school with them.  And of course dinner is all green as well.   I forgot to make the traditional  four-leaf clover jello jugglers though.  Darn nausea was getting the best of me.

 I want to cherish the wonders of childhood and love creating fun little memories with my kids.  They make me happy and fill me with a sense of contentment and purpose.  (For the most part- ha ha.)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tea Party Time

While I was in the throes of my nausea, my dear sweet mother and sister came down to help me out.
They cleaned, made meals, did laundry, did some more laundry and cleaned some more.  It was such a huge help to me.  

While they were here my mom had a little tea party for her grandkids.  She made it roadkill themed with clever little names for each food item.

The kids loved it and scarfed down the toad a la mode and other delicious samplings.

I don't think it gets any cuter than seeing the two year old sipping from her tea cup.

Everything was so cute and tiny, even the napkins.  My kids are blessed with a wonderful Grandma.

Random Pictures

Here is Adriana doing a little moisturizing.  Two year olds need lots of moisturizer.

Occasionally Adriana gets a little plugged up and when she does the poor thing just struggles.
The following pictures show her in pooping pose- pushing with all her might.
It also helps to wear two pairs of pajamas while pushing.

Ahh, relief!

Little Miss Esme.

Spring school pictures.

Uh oh- someone was caught sneaking food out of the pantry.

Blue & Gold

Our ward held the annual Blue & Gold banquet at the end of February.
Even though I had been released as Bear leader the previous month I still helped my friend to decorate.  The theme was a western theme.  She did such an awesome job of putting it all together.

Easton received his Wolf award.

Adriana really liked the face painting on Easton's face.

 I even received an award too!  Good 'ole Cub Scouts.  I enjoyed serving as the Bear leader but I was ready for a change and Relief Society was the perfect change.  I am 10 weeks pregnant in this photo and was not feeling super hot.  That darn nausea.