Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Little Girl

She makes me happy.  I could just eat her up she is so cute.
Heavenly Father knew a lot would happen in our lives during the first year of her life so He blessed me with Adriana.  From the get-go she's been a mild-mannered and mellow girl.  Unlike my other baby girls who were so fussy, always needing to be held, Ana was so good.  I didn't dread the evening time where it seemed the crying would be nonstop and who knew when I would be able to go to bed.  She would just eat and go to bed. 

 She is starting to talk more saying: that, bye, hot, shoe and more.

She loves to wear layers and layers of clothes.  She gathers armfuls of clothes from her sisters drawers and wants them on.  Often several pairs of underwear, a pajama shirt and maybe a couple of pairs of shorts for good measure.  You can never have too many layers in the Vegas heat.
                                        Adriana loves to nurse- loves it.
                     She is 14 months old in these pictures.
 Look at those cute chompers.  Teething has not gone well for her.  When her front teeth were coming in she had a difficult time sleeping.  We were living at the hotel at the time so I would end up just holding her through most of the night.  She would sleep if I held her. As soon as I put her in her pack-n-play she would immediately wake up and begin crying.  That was a rough time.
 Adriana loves her big sisters and brother.  She doesn't mind being toted around by them. 
When Clint gets home from work Ana is right there to greet him with a hug and lays her little head on his shoulder.

She just melts my heart.

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Kristin said...

She's beautiful. It's weird, you have TWO kids now I've never met.