Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kinder graduation

Little Miss Marielle graduated from kindergarten at Bass Elementary School.
She was in all day kindergarten, which caused me a bit of sadness, but she did really well.
She can read and write really well and has shown so much growth academically.

Her class put on a little program and sang several songs.  It was so cute.  The theme was Peace, Love and First Grade.  They sang "Shake It Off" but with different first grade lyrics and it was darling.

Ms. Manterola was Marielle's teacher and she was phenomenal.  Every other Wednesday I would go and help out in the class for a few hours and I was just so impressed by her teaching style.  She was very organized and knew how to keep the kids attention.  She said in her ten years of teaching Marielle's class has been her favorite-full of well-behaved, good kids.  I would agree they were really good kids from what I saw.

Easton and Marielle will no longer be attending Bass Elementary for the new upcoming school year.  A new charter school was just built in our area and the kids were able to get in so we will be giving that a try.  

Friday, August 14, 2015

Random pictures

Miss Esme could bear no more and crashed on my bed for some zzzzz.  Good thing she had her helmet on. 

Adriana once again putting make-up on and doing a fine job of it.

This picture is scaring me.

Easton doing his usual crafting out of boxes.

Once again, a tired Miss Esme.

The Mossy is 6!

Miss Marielle turned 6 in May.
Marielle, or Mossy Toss as Adriana and I like to call her, is such a sweet thing.  She still sucks her thumb and she absolutely has to have her "pink" (blanket) every night or she can not sleep.  We spend a lot of time looking for that darn "pink."  We've tried to get her into a new "pink" because the current one looks like it came out of a dumpster but this girl refuses.  

Marielle loves to do her hair, put on make-up, paint her nails and wear cute outfits.  She has her own sense of fashion which I try to let her express herself with.  However, when she is trying to wear the baby legs to school and they are cutting off her circulation I sometimes have to step in.

She enjoys dancing, crafting, swimming and taking long showers.  She is an excellent helper with her younger sisters.  She is good at organizing her room and making her bed.  She likes to try new things and works hard until she can learn them.

Her favorite foods are salad with lots of Italian dressing, potato chips, bean with bacon soup, nachos and chips and salsa.  Basically anything with a high salt content.  She doesn't like to eat breakfast but must have a sippy cup of chocolate milk every morning.

Marielle is a sweetheart who brings so much happiness to our home.  

Her cute babysitter brought her this cake.  

Marielle had an Under the Sea swim party with all her friends and classmates.  

White chocolate seashells with candy pearls on a bed of sand (crushed vanilla wafers/graham crackers.)

How perfect are these are Little Debbie coral cake snacks.  

Cake pops- actually just donut holes dipped in white chocolate.  So much easier to make.

Gummy sharks and jello cups with a gummy fish floating in them.

The hot tub was the place to be.

Taking a break for snack time.

Marielle was spoiled and received lots of presents.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun Run

The kids participated in the Fun Run at school.  Every time they ran around the track they would get doused with different chalk-like colors.
 Marielle was very serious.  She had her shades on and ran like the wind.  Check out those dimples.  So cute!
 Her support team making sure she stayed well hydrated.

 Then it was Easton's turn to race. We were only able to stay for the first bit because we had an appointment to get to.
His class was the Rainbow Racers.
 There's my little guy-right in the center.  Second to shortest in his class, even though he has two somewhat tall parents.  Apparently Esme is stealing all the height.
 And he is off-running as fast as he can.