Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fancy Photos

While at Bassett Furniture to pick up our new couches I spied these photos hung up in one of their faux display rooms.  I am always drawn towards the monochromatic look.   Plus with the gold frames these were right up my alley.
I immediately knew I needed them.  {Ok maybe not needed but really, really wanted}  The sales lady told me the price at which I was even more excited and I snatched them up as quickly as I could before Clint noticed.  I shoved them into the truck while he wasen't looking, brought them home and hung them up while he was away on a trip.
Now I don't know why I felt I needed to "secretly" buy them or "secretly" hang them up. {Obviously he was going to see them.  They are hanging right above our bed.}  My C-Thomp does not care when I buy things for the house-never has.  In fact he is always so supportive of my decorating.  I guess I felt guilty for already getting couches and adding some pictures to the mix.
I really should have had Clint hang them up though.  He is much better at getting things even and straight.  Plus I hung them a little too high for my liking.  I guess I'll leave the hanging to my husband from now on.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Helper

While cleaning up the kitchen I caught this little helper assisting in unloading the dishes.  She still could use a little work learning where the dishes go.  Most items just landed on the floor which landed them back in the dishwasher to be washed again.

  The Easter decor has made it's debut for the season.

I love placing a different seasonal item beneath the glass cloche.   A little bunny from the thrift store and a nest with eggs make the cake stand ensemble complete for Easter.

I figure you can never have too many rosette's {or too much toile but my husband would disagree on that one.}

A simple rosette garland hung on the mantel.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

St. George

I could live in St. George.  The weather is beautiful, the landscape is gorgeous and every store you could want is within a short drive around town. 

Easton, Marielle and I enjoyed visiting Clint while he worked the gun show {the reason for the trip}.  Here we are checking out the big army tank.  Actually the tank is not as big inside as it looks on the outside.  I learned this by bonking my head several times on the hard metal interior.

My beautiful best friend Holly drove up from Las Vegas to see me!  I love spending time with this girl. 

Miss Marielle managed to not sleep one wink on the trip down or back.  Most babies are lulled to sleep by the car- not our little Miss.  She prefers to be onery and stay awake the entire time.

Now that she is 9 months old she weighs 17 lbs 7 ounces putting her in the 21%tile for weight and in the 88%tile for her height at 29 inches.

While in St. George I did a little coupon shopping.  Sometimes I get tired of shopping in Utah County because there are SO many coupon shoppers and if you want something on bargain it's usually gone. 

At Target I purchased 5 instant oatmeals, 2 razors and 2 packs of gum paying $11.59 after coupons.  I then received $10 back in gift cards.  So if you consider the gift cards that's only $1.59 for all my items.

At Rite Aid I purchased 3 packages of diapers and 2 packages of truffles for a total of $7.88 after all of my coupons.  I then went online and requested my $5 rebate.   Bringing my cost to only $2.88 once I receive my rebate check.

Coupon shopping is fun when you get good deals like this but sometimes it's very tedious and time consuming.  However, I'm sure I will keep doing it. I've got to stick to my $200 monthly food/diaper budget and using coupons is the only way I think I can do it.

To recap-we had fun in St. George.  We swam, ate lots of food, {I pounded a whole bag of circus peanuts by myself}, shopped, enjoyed the weather and saw lots of guns.  What more could you ask for from a romantic Valentine getaway.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


With the wonderful warm weather we've been experiencing I can't wait for spring.  These little rosettes I made sing of spring. I thought they would be perfect to decorate for Easter with. 

I placed them in my milk glass vases purchased from the thrift store.

Little Miss started clapping today.  If I say 'yea' she will clap for herself.  She is nine months old now and I just can't get enough of her.   Easton loves to drag her around the house and make her play with certain things.  Little Miss is a scavenger and is constantly on the lookout for little crumbs of food on the floor.  Needless to say she only needs to look under Easton's chair to find a smorgasbord of snacks.

The boy and I made yummy sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  Actually, I made them while Easton ate the dough and icing.

{Happy Valentine's Day}

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Couches

The new couches have arrived and I am throughly enjoying their presence.
We purchased these from Bassett Furniture.  The store in Orem is remodeling so everthing in the store is currently 35% off, including special order items such as our couches.

I sold our former set on the classified ads and within a day we had a buyer.

                        Thank you for the birthday gift Clint.  You sure know how to spoil a girl.