Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coupon Crazy

I have always been a coupon user. My mom used coupons while I was growing up and I learned from her the value of saving money. Well, it seems lately that I have become coupon crazy. I get so excited for the Sunday paper each week to see what coupons are contained therein. It's almost like Christmas morning for me. I can't wait to see what coupons I'll get and what items are on sale where. I know I'm going to take a lot of heat from Clint on this post but I just wanted to share my coupon excitement. Example of the benefits of coupons. I went to Rite Aid this week and purchased these items. My total came to $50.97. I used my coupons plus the rebates Rite Aid offers taking my total down to a mere $11.24 for 19 items. I know I'm a nerd but I just wanted to share my coupon excitement.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Central High School Class of '98

On Saturday I had the chance to go to Grand Junction and attend my ten year high school reunion. Yeah-I know I'm old. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up on each other's lives. Here I am as a senior. Notice the awesome letterman jacket and stylish wave I had going on with my hair.
Here I am as a little freshman. I know what you are thinking- what a nerd. And it's true. I was in marching band for three years of my high school career. I finally had the courage to try-out for the dance team my senior year and made it but I always did enjoy the band. I mean look at that stylish uniform. What's not to like about that. If only this picture were a full body shot you could see how the pants were a few inches too short. I just don't think they made band uniforms for skinny long-legged girls.
This is Amy, one of my best friends from high school.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Former Law School Buddies Reunion

The much anticipated Bear Lake post is finally here. After our Toshiba lappy nearly gave up the ghost this past week, Clint was able to clear some memory and make our computer functional once again. It was a close call though. I didn't think good 'ole Toshiba was going to pull through.

Last weekend our friends the Budges invited us and some other former law school buddies to their cabin at Bear Lake. Dare say it was the most fun we have had this summer. We went wakeboarding, boating, rode on the 4-wheeler, hung out and played a rousing game of Settlers. Check out TJ on the waterski. This kid can do anything. Easton loved playing on the beach and being in the water. After a fun-filled day everyone was exhausted- everyone except for Easton that is. He was having so much fun that he didn't want to sleep and just kept going and going and going. Helo was doing his usual back flips, triple spins and other tricks when he took a bad spill.
Carver and Easton really enjoyed watching Thomas the Train together. Who knew Thomas was so funny?
The kids playing on the shell-filled beach.It takes a lot of concentration and some really white legs to wakeboard as well as I do. Sometimes I'll do a flip or two but I don't like to show off so I mostly just stick with going back and forth across the wake.

Some high fives for an awesome trip!!
Thanks Budges! It was so good to hang out with everyone. We had such a fun time!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Introducing Sandra Day O'Thompson

(We call her "Sandy" for short). I've been waiting for months expecting Charisse's next post to be about Sandy. I'm starting to think that Charisse might be a little jealous...It might be because Sandy likes to hold my hand with her paw...Or it could be our long walks as the sun is setting. Charisse, don't worry baby...She means nothing to me...She's just a dog!

Anyway, we adopted Sandy in March from a family in Highland. It was kind of awkward when Rafe and I stopped in to pick her up. Apparently, the family's eight year-old daughter did not concur with the decision to put her up for adoption. She initially started whining a little and then it turned into an all out tantrum with screaming and wailing. Meanwhile, Rafe and I were just there looking like the worst two guys in the world as we put her in the back of the truck and drove away.

Well, now I can see why she was upset. Turns out Sandy is a great dog. She likes to fetch, she is great with Easton and she is very obedient. (Unlike my old dog "Goose" who was difficult to tame due to his insatiable appetite for affairs with any female dog in the greater Highland area). Rest in peace Goose...One day the Chinese will pay for poisoning you.
I digress. Welcome to the family Sandy. Just watch your back. Who knows what Charisse will do if she sees you licking my face.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Project Makeovers

Before: Rocking Chair $10 from the thrift store.
After with a fresh coat of creamy white paint: Before: Two mirrors and a frame all from the thrift store.After a good spray paint job:

Easton's Bedroom

I am finally posting some more photos of our new house. The following are pictures of Easton's room. He loves airplanes and cars so his room is very fitting for him. Plus, each room has a walk-in closet which I love. There is so much storage space for his toys and things. The lamp got a little beat up during the move. Hence it's misshapen shade.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Easton Extravaganza

Over the weekend we experienced Easton Extravaganza as we celebrated out little guy's 2nd birthday. We started the weekend off by meeting my family at Seven Peaks Water Park. Easton absolutely loved it. He was not the least bit afraid to stick his head under the waterfalls on the lazy river and then squeal with delight.

The following day we had a barbeque celebration at our home. We would like to thank all of our family & friends who came to party with us. Thank you for the many wonderful gifts he received.

I took Easton for his two-year check yesterday and he is in the 36%tile for his weight at 26.9 lbs. He is in the 31%tile for his height at 33". He received his Hep A shot and didn't cry at all when the nurse gave it to him. In fact he actually laughed when she put the purple dinosaur bandage on his leg. He is such a tough little guy.
Easton is saying a lot more. He says "Where's Sheese?" (Where's Charisse?) I don't know why he calls me by my first name but whenever he is looking for me he always calls out "Sheese." He says "Popicle" (Popsicle); "Gook" (Juice); "Choc" (Chocolate) and many other things. He knows his animals and all of their sounds.
He's working on learning all of his colors and can identify orange, green and blue so far. He enjoys dancing, going on bike rides, playing in dad's tools, exploring the backyard and playing in the dirt. He is a mischief maker and manages to break or damage something on a regular basis. One day he spilt half of my 25 lb bag of sugar on the floor and then tried to mop it up with the dish towel in hopes that myself or Clint would not find it. Nice try bud.
His favorite foods include Cheetos, mandarin oranges (he can eat up to two cans daily), popsicles, raisins, pasta and corn. He loves candy, especially peach rings which his Grandpa Dyreng always spoils him with.
Now that he can climb out of his crib he feels as though he is big enough to sleep in the queen size bed in our guest bedroom so that is now where he takes his naps and sleeps at night.

Easton is a darling little boy who always is doing something to make us laugh. We love his sweet yet mischevious personality and are so grateful to have him as our son.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Little Guy is Two!!!

The following are a few pictures I took for Easton's two year photos. "Water gone?"

Easton is a very difficult subject to photograph. I spent most of my time trying to make sure he didn't drown in the nearby creek. I can rarely get him to look at me and smile. Most of my shots are side views or the back of his head as he runs away from me.