Thursday, July 10, 2014


Lest we forget what the kitchen looked liked when we moved in.
The cabinets were not in good shape.  And check out the bulkheads above the cabinets.  Extra big, just how you would want them to waste as much space as possible in the kitchen.

Clint ripped out the bulkheads only to discover over 20 wires hanging down.  The builder didn't want to take the time to properly install them in the walls and just left them hanging.
We had an electrician come and properly place the wires inside the wall.  We also had to have a gas pipe moved and placed properly.
We then had the walls drywalled and crown moulding installed.

                                                          The cabinets were then installed.

Da da da daaa...... The finished project.
Here is a brief cost breakdown:
Cabinets: $8,700 (includes pull-out drawers in all of the cabinets, soft close drawers and doors and under cabinet lighting.)
Granite for countertops:$1,000
Labor for drywall, wiring, pipe relocation, countertop installation: $3,650
Appliances: $3,300
Faucet: $140
Backsplash install and supplies: $350
Total:  $17,140

                                          The light is from Lowe's on sale for $89.

There are a couple of little things left to do.  I need to get a glass shelf for my cabinet with the glass windows and also a new doorknob for the pantry.

Esme is really good at locking all of the doors in our house- doors to which we don't have a single key to any of them.  The door to the pantry would not open.  We were either going to starve or Clint had to remove the doorknob.  We plan on replacing all of the doorknobs anyway so we chose the latter option.

                      I love my bridge faucet. This beauty was found on Amazon for about 1/2 the cost found elsewhere. 

The stools are from Target.  I bought them on sale and I think they were $75 for two.

 This little one is busy doing what she does best.  Taking things out of the pantry and placing them throughout the house.

It makes me so happy!
A sneak peek of the living room.  This is my Restoration Hardware knockoff.  I loved it but when I saw the $2,500 price tag there was no way I was paying that.  I did my own version for a lot less-it cost me about $200.

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Kristin said...

$17K???? Wo. Kitchens are expensive! It looks amazing though, you guys are should do your own version of 'this old house'!