Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Love Christmas

I look forward to laying by the fireplace each night.  When it's snowing outside it's my favorite place to be.  So cozy.

Of course I love the Christmas tree and I keep the lights on constantly.  The ambiance created by the tree adds so much to our home.

Christmas cards from friends and family near and far make me smile.

The beautiful story of our Savior's birth.

My absolute favorite thing I love about Christmas are these little gifts under the tree. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I've been a really good boy.  I help my mom with my baby sister.  In fact, just yesterday my baby sister pushed me so I sat her on the stairs for time out.  To make sure she wouldn't fall I placed lots of pillows around her.  I gave her a five minute time out.  I know she is only 7 months old but she pushed me so she deserved an extra long time. 
For Christmas I would like a big football, a big candy cane and a blue ruler.  I would also like another turkey baster.  My dad already bought me one but I figure you can never have too many turkey basters as a three year old.


Dear Santa,
I've been a really good girl.  The last few weeks have been kind of hard on my mom because I've been getting my two front teeth in.  I know I get up a lot at night but I just don't feel well.  Other than that I've been good.  Oh, except for when I pooed on my moms bath rug today while she was getting me ready for the tub.
For Christmas I would like a nice beard like yours and some knee pads.  I've been slithering around the house for a couple weeks now.  I forgot to mention that I keep pulling ornaments off the tree and ripping the wrapping paper on the presents under the tree.  I'm just so cute that maybe you could overlook that.  I can almost crawl on my hands and knees.  I get up and rock back and forth, take one crawl forward and then go down to my tummy to do the army crawl.  I really think a pair of knee pads would come in handy as I crawl around.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally Finished

I finally finished decorating Marielle's nursery.  I was waiting for the dresser and nightstand before I could complete everything.  I originally purchased the dresser and nightstand at a consignment shop about two months prior to Marielle's birth.  The consignment store owner told me she would paint them and have them ready for me within three weeks.  Well, three months went by, I had Marielle and still no furniture.  I called the owner who informed me my items had been stolen by the consigner.   She said she would find something similiar to replace them with.  I waited and waited and seven months later the consigner finally delivered my dresser and nightstand which she said she had "painted."  Turns out she sprayed a few coats of spray paint on them and called it good.  Apparently she didn't have her glasses on when she was spraying because she missed the whole bottom portion of the dresser.   I can't complain though.  I received a great deal on the set.  I plan on repainting them in the Spring and spraying all of the knobs pink. 
Almost all of the accessories have been spray painted to match the colors of the room.  I mostly focused on a pink and cream palette and added a splash of seafoam green.  I purchased accessories from the thrift store, Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx.

As I mentioned in a previous post awhile back, I was able to get the chandelier for free because they no longer carried the crystals that went with it.  They gave me my money back and I went to Home Depot and purchased my own crystals.  The medallion was purchased at a yard sale for $3.  It's actually an umbrella stand but for $3 it became a very heavy medallion which Clint nailed to the ceiling.

The crib is from Babies R Us, as well as the rocking chair and ottomen.  Originally the chair was purchased when I had Easton and so I just moved it into Marielle's room.  It has held up really well and I love rocking my babies to sleep in it.   

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Spirit

The Festival of Trees is not only brimming with the most beautiful, amazing trees you have ever seen, the stories behind each tree are so touching.  My eyes always well up with tears as I see the faces and hear a little about the life each tree is dedicated to. 

If you notice Easton has his snow boots on.  Even though the boots are two sizes too big he insists upon clomping around in them wherever he goes.  He also insists upon bringing his giant plastic candy cane with him as well.  The candy cane was purchased at the dollar store recently.  It was a tough decision between a turkey baster and the candy cane but in the end the candy cane won out.  Those turkey basters can be a lot of fun though.

Over the weekend we had the chance to get together with our friends from Utah State for a little Christmas party.  Clint lived with these fellows his senior year and daresay the fun never stopped at the Chateau. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coupon Happy

I know Clint is really going to like this post. 
For $10.07 at Target you would be able to purchase the below items.

However, if use coupons you can get all of this for the same amount of $.

10 boxes of cereal
4 boxes of crackers
12 cans of vegetables
8 cream soups
2 tubs of butter
7 wipes
10 rolaids
2 marshmallows

Coupons and Target make me happy!!