Monday, June 16, 2014

This Guy

 I sure love this guy. 

I just had to add this picture because it made me smile.

Clint is such a good father. 
 And then I've got this amazing Dad who is now an amazing grandpa.
 Clint can do anything- literally anything.  He just figures out how to do stuff.  Even when his hand is all stitched up and all swollen and infected he continues to work hard and power through his projects.
 He spends a great deal of time reading to the kids, especially Easton.  He is a devoted father and makes sure each of his kids are well loved.
 Easton pointed out in his Father's Day gift to Clint that he is easily recognized by his "bald head and pinpoles (pimples)."  Clint always says I'm the only 37 year old who is bald and still gets acne.  It's alright though.  I don't mind.  The kids and I love him just how he is because he is amazing to us!

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