Thursday, March 26, 2009

Signs of Spring

The annual spring tumbleweed storm. This one even topped last year's.

Luckily I was home during the storm and was able to deflect most of the tumbleweeds away from our house to a convenient location in front of my neighbor's garage.

The really good news is that President Obama declared Eagle Mountain a Federal disaster area. He allocated one trillion dollars toward the cleanup efforts. We never would have gotten that kind of love from McCain.

After the wind died down, Easton and Sandy decided to dig a huge hole in the back yard.

After a few hours Easton needed a break. Grandpa Mark would probably "peak out" if he saw this kind of laziness in the hole. Then again everbody needs a "spell" from time to time. (Disregard these comments if you've never dug a hole with my dad before).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Car

I appreciate everyone's voice on our tough decision. Clearly the overwhelming majority of you voted for the Honda Pilot. So I suggested to Charisse that we consider getting something different. After lengthy negotiations and marriage counseling sessions, we decided we would get a car instead. We ended up getting this nice Chevy Impala. Moral of the story--If you're a big enough jerk, you won't have to get your wife what she really wants.