Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beach Bums

While in California we went to the beach.  Ah, the beach.  Enjoying the waves, sun, warm sand and the $71 parking ticket.  I don't think life gets better than relaxing at the beach.  Or in Easton's case, getting wiped out over and over and over again by the waves.

  Now here is a child who I think he might be half fish.  He could live in the water and spent his entire time either gathering seaweed or getting knocked over by waves.


  Easton told me he wanted to help clean-up the ocean by gathering all the seaweed he could find.  Dad even helped out.  We are so environmentally friendly here in our household. The good news was after Easton had made huge piles of the smelly seaweed, flies came and set-up camp. 

It was well worth the $71 parking ticket.  Next time we'll know- you have to pay to park by the beach.   

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Kristin said...

What?! A blog post?!
CUTE kids. They are so big. It's been a long time. We're looking forward to sitting on the beach for a solid week… but not really to paying a huge parking bill. Hmmm…