Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We're Back!

Last Monday Clint and I returned from our trip to Cancun. I flew into Grand Junction from Cancun and stayed the week with my family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Clint flew into Salt Lake as he had to work a couple days and then joined us on Thanksgiving Day. After almost three week's worth of vacation I'm glad to be back in my own comfy bed and to see my little Easton but I sure had fun lying on the beach.

We stayed at the Mayan Palace Resort. We actually were able to stay there for free. Clint and I endured a three hour time share presentation in order to qualify for a free weeks stay. Dare say it was well worth the three hours. We also were able to get free flights down to Cancun because we cashed in our miles.

The resort was absolutely beautiful. It was so large that shuttles were needed to take you from place to place. The pool is the world's largest pool and holds the Guinness Book of World Records. It wound it's way around the resort and was amazing to see.

The resort provided various activities everyday. We participated in bingo, tennis, water aerobics and a bike tour around the resort. I also did stretching on the beach and dance lessons. This is my little dance buddy Luis. Clint wouldn't dance with me so I had to find a new dance partner.

We spent a lot of time relaxing on the beach. The weather was perfect. It was in the 80's everyday. Don't worry, Clint and I didn't get sunburned. With our pasty white skin we didn't take any chances and lathered on the SPF 500.

This is Tulum, an ancient Mayan civilization. The people that lived here were not as barbaric as other civilizations and didn't believe in sacrificing people. They did, however, believe in stretching out their babies heads so they looked like aliens. Fifty-percent of babies died during the process.

(See my baby bump. For some reason Clint and I like to take vacations while I'm pregnant. It's better that way because then I get motion sickness really bad and need to throw-up any time we drive or fly some where. Needless to say the flights were not my favorite part.)

We sent snorkeling at a place called Xel-Ha. The water was perfect. Clint and I did much better this time with our snorkeling skills. Not that it's very difficult but we kind of struggled in Hawaii when we were learning how to do it.

Xel-Ha was an all inclusive "water park" with trips down the river, cliff jumping and bike rides. The 'trip down the river' was not really what I thought it would be. It was more trying with all our might to move our tube anywhere and not making much progress. The water did not flow like a river, it was like a lake. Apparently they don't know the difference between a river and a lake.

We loved swimming in the ocean. Due to a bad hurricane that struck several years ago a lot of beach was washed away and so traveling out into the water was made difficult unless you had water shoes. We went and purchased some right away to save our feet from the rocky shoreline.

We also went to Chichen Itza. It was much larger than I thought it would be. They were a very barbaric civilization and sacrificed men, women and children. I would not want to be hanging around that place at night. It felt strange just being there during the day.

This wall was double in length and featured the heads of the team captains who were killed after they lead their team to a victory or a loss. Historians aren't sure which. A game was played, apparently often because there were a lot of heads on the wall, and when it was over the captain of one of the teams got his head cut off. Sounds like a lot of fun.

We really wanted to climb to the top of the temple but unfortunately they don't allow it any longer. It was very steep looking and appeared to be quite dangerous.

The last couple days of our trip we actually spent in Cancun. Our resort was about 30 minutes south of Cancun. The first day at our hotel I was admiring how pretty the water was and thought I would wade out a little bit to see how warm it was. I still had all my clothes on and hadn't yet prepared to swim. Well, I wandered out a little too far and looked up just in time to see a giant wave come barreling towards me. I couldn't run so I thought I would hold my ground and brace myself for the impact. I was no match for the giant wave and was knocked on my back and thrown completely to the ground. After the wave washed over me I quickly sat up to see who had witnessed the embarrassing wipe-out. I looked up to the beach and saw several beach-goer's laughing and smiling at me. So at that point what else is there to do but laugh at yourself and try as discretely as possible to get the sand out of your pants. This is me shortly after the wipe-out. I figured a flower in my hair might help me regain some of my dignity back.

Cancun is awesome and I loved the time I had to spend with Clint. I didn't even get sick of him once. We missed Easton so much and everywhere we went we would comment on how much Easton would love to see this or that. I want to thank my parents as well as Clint's parents for watching our little guy while we were gone. As much as we missed him it was really nice to just be able to relax and not have to change diapers or worry about what he was up to.
As beautiful as it was there I am so glad to live in America. I couldn't believe the amount of poverty we saw as we drove to different places. Billions of dollars are coming in from tourists and yet ten minutes away from these beautiful resorts people are living in stick huts with dirt floors. It was so sad to me to see little kids living in such squalor. I also appreciate the fact that I can pump my own gas at the gas station, I don't have to give anyone a tip and there is more than just one gas station chain to go to.
Thanks for letting me share this really long post about our trip.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Fun Doesn't Stop

Last weekend was Girl's Night Out in Park City. All of the mothers and daughters on Clint's side of the family got together and stayed the night in a hotel up at Park City. We went out to dinner, sat in the hot tub, stayed up late talking and went shopping. I am so blessed to have married into such a great family.

The fun didn't stop there. On Sunday we celebrated Clint's Birthday. I know I'm a little late at posting this but I just wanted to tell my Clinters how much I love him and how grateful I am to be married to such a spectacular guy.

And to keep the fun alive, Clint and I will be traveling to this beautiful locale tomorrow:

See ya in 10 days!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

More Catch-Up

The first snowfall of the season occurred in early October. We woke up Sunday morning to a blanket of glistening snow covering the ground which Easton immediately wanted to play in.

For those of you who may not know, Clint is quite the dancer and loves to dance with Sandie. The grapevine is his favorite move as seen here. Just look at the great form and style he has. Now if only I could get him to take me dancing.

After playing in the chilly snow it was time for hot chocolate and "blue white treat" as Easton calls the Cool Whip.

Random Facts

My darling friend Jeana tagged me some time ago and I am finally posting the tag. I am supposed to list 7 Random Facts about myself.

1. I love a.m. talk radio and rarely listen to music any more. Man- am I old and boring or what?

2. I spend at least an hour a week cutting and organizing my coupons.

3. I always grind my teeth when I get excited.

4. I cry when I'm happy, sad, mad, angry, frustrated, nervous- actually any emotion I have is tied to my tear ducts. The good news is that while I'm pregnant the waterworks are even more hyper-sensitive. (Just ask my husband.) Look at me wrong and I most likely will start crying.

5. I enjoy reading books about money and investing.

6. I always talk to Easton in a funny way because he is so darn cute. I might say something like "Hey juice-a loop-a fruit-a scoop. " I'm probably not helping him develop his language skills much with phrases such as this.

7. I had a paper route from 7th grade until 11th grade.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

While sitting down to lunch one day I was starving so I quickly began to eat my soup. I heard a sweet little voice say, "prayer mommy, prayer." I looked at my little boy who had his arms folded and was anxiously waiting for me to say the blessing over our food. At that moment I felt such complete joy and love for my little Easton who reminded me of how important my example is to him. Even though I often think he is not paying attention to anything I say or do, I realized he does notice and he is learning. That simple phrase, spoken from the mouth of a two year-old, motivates me to continue to try strive to be a better mother everyday. It's moments such as these that make the challenges of motherhood so very worth it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Blog Catch-Up

As I mentioned earlier I wanted to catch-up on some of my posts. Well, a few weeks ago we went to Colorado to visit the family. Sean and Dani are both attending college but all of the kids managed to make it home on the same weekend. We decided to take some family photos. Let me just say it's very difficult to take the photos and be in them as well. I had to run like the wind in order to make it into this shot before my camera went off. Needless to say I am really out of shape and was a bit sore the next day.

The highlight of the weekend for Easton was riding on the motorcycle with Uncle Sean and Dad. He also loved digging in the garden with Grandpa Bob- where they managed to harvest potatoes, carrots, parsnips or 'snips' as Easton calls them, and gummy worms. I didn't know gummy worms grew in the garden but apparently at Grandpa's house they do.

I love spending time with my family and was grateful we had the opportunity to all be together for the weekend.

Our Little Monster

Easton was "Sully" from Monsters Inc. for Halloween. I was nervous he wouldn't wear his costume because every time I put it on him he immediately wanted it off. (Can't say I blame him. Who wants a bunch of fur in their face.) However, once he realized people gave him candy while wearing his costume- he loved it.
Sandy was an ATF bomb sniffer dog.

Running around the neighborhood with cousin Jake as fast as their little legs would take them in order to gather as much candy as possible. That's my boy!
Easton is now working on getting diabetes. He insists he eat his whole bucket of candy at once. What's a mom to do? I enjoy eating the candy as much as he does. Those kit kat's are delicious.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Announcement

As you may have noticed I have grossly neglected our blog for the last two months. I have had a lot to post about but I have lacked the desire to blog or to look at other's blogs for that matter. Sorry everyone. For the past two months I have felt very nauseous and tired. If you are thinking- sounds like she might be pregnant- then you are correct. I am 13 1/2 weeks along. I'm finally beginning to feel a little better, except for during the evenings. Despite feeling lousy for the past while I love being pregnant and feeling the little life flutter in my stomach. I feel so blessed to be able to carry such a precious life inside my own.

And now, if you will forgive me- I would like to catch up on the last two months of blogging that I have missed out on recording.

I will start with the most recent happenings and work my way back. Last weekend was the Halloween Hullabaloo that my sister-in-law Natilie's mother puts on every year. It is quite the carnival- with games galore, inflatable playthings, a cake walk, pinata, hot dogs and more. Jousting with my niece Taylor.

Easton loved the bounce house. Last year he was a little nervous, this year- no way. Here is Easton in awe of the homemade paper rockets launched hundreds of feet into the air. After the initial launch of the rocket, Easton launched himself across the ground chasing after the soaring rockets. He completed several successful rocket launching voyages. However, one rocket, The Challenger, was blown up upon take-off. I think chasing the rockets was his favorite. A little bum crack to make the day complete.

Ok- I'm tired and ready for a pre-bedtime snack. I guess I will post more later.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Little Narcissus

During naptime this afternoon Easton dismantled the frame and removed this portrait of himself and lovingly admired it until he fell asleep. He is quite a handsome little man but we may just have to monitor his arrogance in the coming years.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Tribute

Why do we celebrate labor day? I'd like to think it's given as a time to reflect on those who have laid down their lives in labor for our country...On labor day my thoughts turned to my old government issue 1996 Buick Century. This wonderful car and I saw just about every major highway in Utah and Wyoming as we were about our Nation's business. NOT ONCE did this car hesitate to do her duty. Her 3.1 liter V6 engine offered great fuel economy and just the right amount of pep to pass a semi truck pulling a "rocky mountain triple."

Earlier this year, the powers that be decided that our partership was to end and she was decommissioned. A coworker snapped this shot of her as she was being hauled away to auction. I don't think it was a coincidence that Old Glory was flying above her as this shot was taken. Buick, I salute you as a legend, a patriot, and a friend.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Chocolate Pudding

I may need to rethink my choice for white decor.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great choice of music Clint.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a Few Projects

We've been working, or I should say Clint has been working on putting in our backyard. He tried to till the ground with our tiller but due to the rock quarry in our yard it was like watching a bull ride and seeing the cowboy get bucked all around. It was funny to watch, not so funny for the cowboy trying to till. Therefore, he went and borrowed his dad's tractor so he could actually till the ground instead of get knocked to the ground. Easton loves the trac-tor as he calls it. He talks about riding on the tractor daily. Somehow he even managed to fall asleep while riding on the machine. He won't sleep in his big, soft bed but put him on a noisy, bumpy tractor and he's out like a light.Then there was the backsplash project. Do you remember this post?
We decided to just do beadboard. As much as I would have loved a tile backsplash, money and time prevented such a thing.
And then Easton performed a few projects of his own. This nice project took place on our bathroom wall with some white paint I had been using. Lovely artwork isn't it? I was hoping to add a little something to our walls. Easton knew just what I wanted.
Oh, and how about this baking project. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results from this one. Nothing says cookies, cakes and brownies quite like a 25lb bag of flour on the floor and a little two year old in it.