Thursday, February 4, 2016

Camping at Palisade

My parents arranged a fun camping trip for us.  We stayed at Palisade State Park.  My mom reserved a cabin to stay in which was nice as I was 7 months pregnant at the time.  The cabin had electricity and the bathroom and showers were just a short walk away.  Always important to have bathrooms close by as a prego lady.

Me and the two little girls enjoyed staying in the cabin while Easton, Clint and Marielle slept in the tent.

We enjoyed going on trips up into the mountains on the four-wheeler and razor.

Looking a little dusty and dirty after a four-wheeler ride.

Easton wanted to ensure his safety by wearing Adriana's life jacket.

My mom planned a fun decorate-your-own-shirt activity.

Hanging out and having fun together.

My grandma, aunt and cousin Melanie and her son Carter came out one night and enjoyed dinner with us.  My grandma is so cute.  She has a funny personality- which is where my Dad gets it from.   Esme asked, "Why does Grandpa Bob's mom have a canker?"  I said, "How do you know she has a canker?"  She replied, "Cause her couldn't bend."  Oh- a cane.

Don't ask me why I have to act like a dork.  Apparently being around my cousin brings me back to my super hyper childhood days where I did lots of dumb things.

Clint and I were able to visit the Manti Temple and do a session.  It's the first time we've been back there since we were married.

Once again- why the specialness?

I love this picture because Esme and Adriana were holding hands while we were cruising around and I had to snap a picture.  So precious.

My kids loved camping with everyone.  They can not stop talking about all the fun we had.  


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