Sunday, January 11, 2009


Charisse disclosed today that she had never heard of the band Rush nor had she ever heard the song that is currently playing. Well she’s going to hear it now baby! Crank up the Tom Sawyer!

Incidentally, Charisse and I have been in the market for a newer vehicle. I know what you’re thinking—“why do they need a newer vehicle when they have that kick-A Geo Prism?”

Answer: we would like to have a larger vehicle for when the new baby comes. There are no other reasons (especially not the blue replacement front fender or the bondo and primer or the missing hubcaps or the mysterious Pizza Hut smell that introduces itself whenever the carpet is damp). After all, the Prism played a substantial role in Charisse’s decision to marry me.

Now the dilemma: we test-drove two vehicles last week—a Chevy Tahoe and a Honda Pilot. I am strongly pulling for the Tahoe, while Charisse has her feet firmly planted in Pilot Land.

Please friends, make let your thoughts be known in your comments…I mean try to talk some sense into her.


Honda Pilot (left) Chevy Tahoe (right)

P.S. Happy 29th Charisse. Enjoy your last year as a bubble-gummer. Next year you’ll join us grown-ups (who carry heavy loads—not unlike the Chevy Tahoe).