Thursday, May 28, 2015

January Happenings

After the fun and excitement of Christmas are over, January always seems like such a letdown.  However, my birthday falls in the beginning of the month which helps ease the after-the-holidays-are-over blues.
Clint made me panzarotti (fried calzones) for dinner and bought a DQ cake- my fav!

We started the remodel of our master bathroom.  I will post pictures of the completed bathroom soon. I love, love how it turned out.

Adriana discovered the amazingness of the compact disc walkman.

Easton had his first Pinewood Derby and did awesome!  He took first place.

Easton and Clint put a lot of time into Easton's car and it paid off.  It was fun to watch all the boys race their cars.  At the stake race Easton placed 9th place overall.  However,  there was a little mix up while doing the race.  There was a news crew there which was all very exciting and as a result some of the cars were not entered into the computer system.  After the error was realized they added the missing cars but it threw off the race.  Each car was to race 4 times in each different lane.  But because of the mix up Easton only ended up racing 3 times and 2 of those times were in the first lane which was always the slowest lane for him.  Oh well.  He had fun and did great anyway.  

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