Monday, May 18, 2015

Final Day at Disney

This was the walk everyday from our hotel to Disneyland and back again.  I would say it was about 3/4 of a mile.  After a long exhausting day walking around Disney the walk home felt even longer.  It was very pretty though and the kids were champs. 

 Waiting in line for the Nemo submarine ride.

Snack break on the tea cups.

The good thing about going to Disneyland for Halloween we were able to see all of the Halloween decorations as well as the Christmas decorations.  They must have people working around the clock because I could not believe how quickly the transition from each holiday was.

The kids received money prior to the trip from Grandma Connie and Grandpa Bob to buy whatever they wanted.  They also saved their money before hand knowing if they wanted any souvenirs or treats they would have to purchase them with their own money.   They all wanted popsicles so we took a little break and they each bought a popsicle.

I love the look of terror on Marielle's face.  Esme was too scared to even look up.  So fun!

Winnie the Pooh ride was a hit with Adriana.  She probably went on it about 10 times with Clint and then myself while we were taking turns taking the kids on Splash Mountain.

 One more ride on Winnie the Pooh as a family.

All the treats looked so good.  For the mere cost of a small pony you too could have a marshmallow pop.

I did give in and buy a $10 carmel apple as my souvenir.  It was the best $10 I spent there.  So yummy!

Adriana had a melt down right before this photo was taken about wanting to eat my carmel apple.  Because a family near by thought we were beating her due to the wailing and gnashing of teeth exhibition she was putting on, we went and bought her her own marshmallow pop.  She may not get to go to college now but at least she was able to enjoy a delicious gooey treat. 

Farewell to Disneyland.  We had a wonderful time and created so many fun memories.  I loved spending time with my cute little family.  The kids still talk about it often, especially the Tower of Terror.  I think they may be experiencing a little post traumatic stress after that ride.   Hopefully we'll be back in 5 years- or sooner if I can convince Clint.

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