Friday, May 29, 2015

February Happenings

Marielle lost her first tooth in February.  The tooth fairy came and brought her a $2 bill.

We went up to Utah to visit our families over a long Valentine's day weekend.  We celebrated Adriana's 2nd birthday as well as Aunt Dani and Aunt JaNae's birthday with my family.  While there we announced the big news that baby #5 was on the way.  I made a little heart banner with each grandkids name on it and then one with the new babies arrival date on the end and gave it to  my mom and dad for Valentines Day.  Everyone was very excited and happy.  I on the other hand just felt sick and nauseous- but happy too.

We also celebrated Adriana's birthday as well as Aunt Kara's birthday with Clint's family.  However, my camera battery died and I didn't have my charger with me.  We also announced the arrival of baby #5 in the same fashion to Clint's family.  Once again everyone was excited and perhaps a little surprised.

On Adriana's actual birthday we went out to Raising Cane's and then opened presents.  

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