Sunday, May 17, 2015

Disneyland Trip Day 4

Hey-  good news!  The pictures of Disneyland are now on my computer so I can finish documenting our trip only a mere 6 months later.

Clint took the older kids on Tower of Terror while Adriana and I went and rode on Monsters Inc.  Clint thought that the ride consisted of getting into an elevator and then riding up to the top of the tower where you get on a roller coaster?  Yea, I'm not sure where he got that idea.  So needless to say when the elevator took off at a high rate of speed and then dropped suddenly, he nor any of the rest of the children were prepared for such a scary ride.  A few tears of fear may have been shed.

I had Clint get a stroller pass because I really wanted to go on the ride after he took a turn.  However, the pants had been scared off of all of the children and not a single one would ride again.  The terror is real folks.  My children, and apparently husband, have been scarred for life.  

 Watching the Bugs Life show.

Having a little lunch at Flo's V8 cafe.

Just relaxing on the Radiator Springs Racers ride.

Marielle loved the Little Mermaid ride.  There was no line so we were able to ride it a couple of times for her viewing pleasure.

Esme thoroughly enjoyed her cotton candy.  It was all over her face.  I couldn't help but laugh a little at the adorable sugar coated face and the following picture shows what ensued.

She does not like to be laughed at no matter how much sticky coated gooeyness is plastered to her face.  Which made me laugh even more.  Who can resist such a sad, sweet frowny face.

While the little's were enjoying their cotton candy, I took the older two on the Raging Rapids.  We were loaded into a raft with 5 other strangers.  After catching a small rapid Marielle was a little frightened and said very loudly "I peed my pants a little bit"  repeated 10 times.  What is a mother to do but silently sit there with a smile on her face sending telepathic messages to her 5 year old to quit saying she peed her pants a little bit.  Meanwhile water is sloshing all around amongst the strangers whom I sure were grossed out.  Needless to say my telepathy did not work.  However, the lesson has been learned if you pee your pants a little bit whilst in the company of strangers, zip it and carry on as if nothing ever happened.

 This was one of our favorite rides.  The Ferris wheel with the rocking carts.  I was a little scared as I am not a lover of heights, nor is Clint, however, it was so fun to have the family all together on one ride.

We caught the Pixar parade and it was amazing.  Disney captures all of the details and spares no expense.

We loved Cars Land and it was so realistic, exactly like the movie.

We finished off the day at Bugs Land.

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