Friday, August 1, 2014

Flashback Friday

I was looking through some pictures on our computer and saw the birthday pictures from last year.  Esme was turning two and Marielle was turning four.
Clint had just started working in Vegas and was commuting home on the weekends.  Adriana was just two months old at the time.
Esme wanted a "meow, meow" party.  The girl loves cats so much so that my hope for her is that one day she will not grow up to be the stinky cat lady.

        There was a "decorate your cat" station.   With cupcakes and sugar cookies you could decorate with candy.

We had cat themed food with cat chow (cracklin' oat bran), fish, furballs (meatballs), milk, scratching posts (pretzel sticks), cat nip (cheese nips) and cat poo (fudge).

    A couple weeks later it was Marielle's birthday.  She wanted a Princess and the Popstar Party.

                     We had a family party the night before with lots of pink and purple treats.

The next day we had a friend party.  Marielle invited all of her little girlfriends as well as one little boy- friend.  Her cousins Nathan and Jane had stayed the night and were there as well.  Each of the kids dressed up like a popstar (or a rockstar.)

                                       Esme and Grandpa Bob having a balloon fight.

                                  We started the party by making crowns or a guitar.

               This is the stage Clint helped me build so the kids could sing their little hearts out on it.

                                                         Baby Adriana

                          It was so cute watching them sing.  They were all a little shy at first.

After singing time everyone was hungry so it was time to eat.  Everybody enjoyed a princess sack lunch.

                                I love creating special birthday memories with my kids.   

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