Friday, August 15, 2014

Another Utah Trip

We took another quick trip up to Utah last week.  Our last one for a while I'm afraid.
We were planning on hiking Timpanogos Cave and had brought along Marielle and Easton's friends Heath and Gwen whom they miss dearly.  However, one must have a reservation to hike said cave.  Who knew?  We obviously didn't so we went on our own little hike.

The girls loved climbing on every rock and asking for their photo to be taken.  This rock had a smiley face according to Marielle so we had to get pictures with it.

A little pose on the rocks.

This guy decided to photo bomb the rock posing girls.
 And some more photo bombs.
 One can never photo bomb enough photos.

I love this little face so much. 

The reason for our trip to Utah was to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.  We could not break from tradition and had to go on our usual pilgrimage to Park City.  Clint's parents watched the kids for us while we snuck away and stayed the night.  We went shopping and saw the movie Defenders of the Galaxy in 3-D (which I really enjoyed by the way.)  We also went out to eat and to the Olympic park.

While at the Olympic park they had kids practicing skiing down the slopes and jumping into the pool.  Some of them were pretty good doing flips and twists and such -making it very entertaining to watch.

While those kids were skiing down the slopes, other people were doing Psicobloc climbing.  Once the climbers reached the top they would drop right into the water.  It was a pretty high drop too.   I'm too old and scared for things of that nature nowadays.  Very cool to watch though.

We usually bring our scooter and cruise around town but it was too difficult to bring our scoot all the way from Las Vegas.  It was nice to relax, not have a child clinging to my body for a full 24 hours, think a complete coherent thought and spend time with my Clint.  I sure like that guy.

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