Friday, August 22, 2014

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Our house was a foreclosure property.  As a result the previous homeowner simply walked away from the home leaving bills unpaid for-including the water- which in turn was shut off.  Therefore, all of the greenery went without water for an entire hot summer last year killing a majority of it.
I failed to take pictures right before we started working on the front yard but captured a few shortly after Clint had ripped out the dead shrubs and tree.

The home was also a nice dingy peach color.  We never liked the exterior of the house from the moment we saw it.

There was a painting crew going around our neighborhood about a month ago, painting several houses in our area.  We had been wanting to paint it and so we jumped on the chance.  After we gave the go ahead the crew was on it like Blue Bonnet.  We were leaving to go to Utah right at that exact moment too so it was a bit of a surprise to come home to our freshly painted home.

Notice how the screen in the upstairs was put back on sideways?

Clint planted grass, baby palms and cypress trees in May before it got too hot.

We are very happy with the way it turned out.  Once more thing checked off our to do list.

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