Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Time Fun

For the past week we've been in Utah hanging out with our family.
We started the weekend off at the Steele Days parade.

                Later that night was the annual dinner and fireworks show at Grandma Glenda's house.

Adriana loved Esme's face painted like a cat and would growl at her every time she looked at her.

                                      Clint with his grandmother and his cousins.

Clint had to travel to Reno for work so I took the kids down to my parents house in Price to stay for the week.

            It was Price City days and we were able to go swimming for free at the wave pool.  We love the wave pool and had lots of fun getting knocked around by the waves.

     We enjoyed another parade and fireworks show.   There was also an outdoor movie and lots of fun at the park.

                        Shaved ice is a staple of our summer time diet.

        I love summer and it always goes by too quickly.  I enjoy spending time with my kids and not having to worry about homework and all the stresses the school year brings.  The countdown to the start of school has begun so I better squeeze as much fun as possible into the last bit of summer we have.

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