Saturday, July 12, 2014

Eight is Great

This boy made me a mom eight years ago.
I can't believe it.  I know it's so cliché but seriously where did the time go?
Easton is a very sweet, kind, mild-mannered boy.

He is a really good helper around the house and is always willing to help his sisters or myself out.

He still loves collecting "treasures."

                          He loves to swim and could spend everyday, all day long in the pool.

He does not, I repeat, does not enjoy getting his pictures taken.  Much of our photo shoot went as follows:
Over the Fourth of July weekend Easton was baptized.  We had all of my family and all of Clint's family come and stay.  It was fun, amazing and tiring.
Adriana and cousin Sawyer enjoyed playing the piano together.

                                    There was always something going on throughout the house.

We ate and ate, swam and ate some more.  Or maybe it felt like we were constantly eating because cooking for 25 people, 3 meals a day is a lot of work.  I had a lot of help though and everyone pitched in to make some delicious meals.  These festive sugar cookie bars were made by my sister Danielle.

                                                Easton proudly displaying his patriotic shirt he made.
                                      The little's enjoying some delicious oreo pops.

                                                      Lots of fun with Legos. 

We watched some great fireworks.  People by our house really know how to spend a lot of money on fireworks. 

The big day arrived.  Easton was excited and nervous.  For the last couple of months during family night we talked about baptism and the covenants you make.  We also had the missionaries come and talk to Easton.  There was also some "dunking" in our pool to practice for the big event.

By the time we got home from the baptism Easton had had enough of the paparazzi.  As is evidenced by the look on his face in this photo. 

                                                                     My siblings!

Marielle riding the wave rider received as a gift from Sean and Nicole.  It really works and has a little propeller on it.

                                                                Hot tub time!

                                                                          Lots of swimming. 

We had so much fun and are so grateful everyone was able to make the trip down to celebrate Easton's big day.  It meant a lot to him and to us to have our families support.  We miss everyone already.

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