Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wedding Bells

I've decided one of my goals for the new year is to document my life.  I know I always try to blog and keep up with things but I fail miserably. This year I am determined to maintain this blog as my journal that I can look back on and enjoy all of the wonderful memories created through the years.

I couldn't decide if I should pick up where I left off or begin anew in 2016.  I couldn't pass up the memories, so I will play catch-up with the remaining events from 2015.  So here it goes....

In June I had two of my dear friends get married within a week of each other.  It worked out so perfect that I was able to go to both weddings.

First was Betsy's wedding.  She and I met our freshman year at Snow College.  She lived across the hall from our dorm and then second semester she briefly moved in to our dorm for a couple of months before returning to Seattle.

Here I am with Crystal, Holly and Jaycee (Betsy's daughter.)

Cindy Britt is Crystal's mom and a woman I hold dear to my heart.  She always welcomed everyone into her home while we were growing up.  She was also my Young Women leader and created many wonderful memories for me.

I love these ladies so much.

 Betsy made such a beautiful bride.  She was just glowing and so happy.

This girl right here has been one of my dearest friends since we met back in the fall of 1998 as college freshman at good 'ole Snow.  We were assigned as roommates and I'm forever grateful for that.

We had a little bachelorette party for Betsy and Crystal prior to their weddings.  It was so much fun!  We went to a pole dancing class and I have to admit I really had such a good time.  It was hard- you have to be very strong and flexible- but so fun.

Rockin' the 5 month pregnant belly did not make for very graceful pole dancing.

Crystal was married the following weekend after Betsy.  She was just radiant and had a such a beautiful wedding as well. 

Don't pay attention to the scary red eyes we are all possessing.  These ladies were my best friends while in high school and played an important role in my life.  I could not ask for better friends to grow up with during the teen years.  It was so fun to be together at the wedding, if only for a brief visit.  They still look as beautiful now as they did almost 20 years ago.

I am so glad I was able to  attend the weddings of my two beautiful friends.  They were so so happy and it was a blast being able to be together again.  

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