Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kinder graduation

Little Miss Marielle graduated from kindergarten at Bass Elementary School.
She was in all day kindergarten, which caused me a bit of sadness, but she did really well.
She can read and write really well and has shown so much growth academically.

Her class put on a little program and sang several songs.  It was so cute.  The theme was Peace, Love and First Grade.  They sang "Shake It Off" but with different first grade lyrics and it was darling.

Ms. Manterola was Marielle's teacher and she was phenomenal.  Every other Wednesday I would go and help out in the class for a few hours and I was just so impressed by her teaching style.  She was very organized and knew how to keep the kids attention.  She said in her ten years of teaching Marielle's class has been her favorite-full of well-behaved, good kids.  I would agree they were really good kids from what I saw.

Easton and Marielle will no longer be attending Bass Elementary for the new upcoming school year.  A new charter school was just built in our area and the kids were able to get in so we will be giving that a try.  

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