Friday, August 7, 2015

Esme is 4!

On April 21st Esme turned 4!  She enjoyed eating her meals on the gold platter with the fancy goblet.  Growing up my mom gave us the "blue plate special" to eat our birthday meal on. 

Esme was so excited to open all of the presents from her grandparents.

We gave her a plasma car.  I tried to put it together but accidentally bent one of the parts.  Unfortunately Clint was out of town on a business trip so we had to wait until he returned to fix the part.  He is the handyman around here and always knows how to fix things.

Esme is very tall for her age and at 3'8" she is off the charts for her height and weighs in at a sturdy 40.4 lbs putting her in the 83% tile.

 Little Miss Esme is the child who teaches me a lot of patience.  She is an excellent helper.  She often makes her siblings beds and even makes mine on occasion.  She must have whatever toy someone else has, no matter what it is.  Esme is very assertive and unfortunately mild-mannered Marielle sometimes gets walked on by Esme.  Esme enjoys all things Hello Kitty and loves cats and dogs.  She can write her name and enjoys learning new things.  She is my best eater and always eats everything on her plate.  She says cute things all the time.  One night Esme said to Clint, "I love you."  Clint said, "I love you more."  Esme said, "I love you more worser."    So cute!  She likes to help me in the kitchen.  She loves to swim and can easily spend the whole day in the pool.  However, Esme was blessed with the whitest skin possible and no matter how many times sun screen is applied or the SPF- she still gets burned- the poor girl. She never tans, just burns.  She enjoys making up cute little songs all the time and singing and dancing.  She loves to play with other kids, especially her sisters as they play my little pony.  This little girl makes me happy.

 For birthday's the kids can choose to go on an adventure with the family or have a friend birthday party.  Esme chose a family adventure.  When Clint returned from his trip we took Esme to her place of choice- Chuck E. Cheese.

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