Friday, August 7, 2015

Easter Time

Easter fell over General Conference weekend.  We continued our tradition of handing out tickets when certain words are said during talks.  Each session we pick 5 words to listen for.  The kids must listen carefully in order to hear the words and they receive a ticket if they do.  At the end of each session they can then go to the "store" and purchase items.

We also dyed eggs.

Looks like Esme applied some beautiful eyeshadow to her eyes.

Then the real fun began when our cousins showed up after their return trip to Disneyland.

We had our second annual Easter egg hunt in the pool with money filled eggs.

The next morning the Easter bunny came bringing baskets filled with candy and a new outfit and toy. We then watched the Sunday sessions of General Conference.

Clint is cooking up some bacon to go with our blueberry stuffed french toast for breakfast.

It was fun having Reed's family spend Easter weekend with us.  We love visitors, especially cousins.  

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