Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enjoying the weather

The last few days have been so springy {is that a word} and warm.  We've been enjoying going to the park and playing outside with friends. A big difference from the snow we had a week and a half ago.
Easton and Clint enjoyed the snowfall.  They built a snowman, who disappered by days end, and had a snowball fight.  I stayed in the warm house and worked on a few projects.

I was tired of looking at the ugly yellow cord on Marielle's chandelier so I decided to make a cord cover.  I had been looking to purchase one but they were about $30. 
I measured the length of the cord {7"} and cut my fabric double that {14"}.  I cut the width to 7".  I then ironed down all four edges with fabric glue.  You could sew all four edges if you wanted but I didn't want to.  Have I mentioned I hate sewing.  I then did a running stitch down each 14" length by hand.  Slap a piece of velcro on and your done.  Now the unsightly cord is hidden.

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