Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fancy Photos

While at Bassett Furniture to pick up our new couches I spied these photos hung up in one of their faux display rooms.  I am always drawn towards the monochromatic look.   Plus with the gold frames these were right up my alley.
I immediately knew I needed them.  {Ok maybe not needed but really, really wanted}  The sales lady told me the price at which I was even more excited and I snatched them up as quickly as I could before Clint noticed.  I shoved them into the truck while he wasen't looking, brought them home and hung them up while he was away on a trip.
Now I don't know why I felt I needed to "secretly" buy them or "secretly" hang them up. {Obviously he was going to see them.  They are hanging right above our bed.}  My C-Thomp does not care when I buy things for the house-never has.  In fact he is always so supportive of my decorating.  I guess I felt guilty for already getting couches and adding some pictures to the mix.
I really should have had Clint hang them up though.  He is much better at getting things even and straight.  Plus I hung them a little too high for my liking.  I guess I'll leave the hanging to my husband from now on.


Kristin said...

remind me to tell you the 'pottery barn fed ex' story some time. Chris still regales it every chance he gets... lol. sometimes, you just have to do things 'secretly'.

The Stilsons said...

Starting to think you need to come decorate my house!!! No way is my bedroom so clean or bed made! & What a nice hubby! I secretly buy most things! & I do the bills, but he still notices-yikes!

kara said...

love them! way to go ;). they look awesome!
so on the subject of you care if i use your apothecary jars in the bathroom idea? love. it.