Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is it Easter Time Yet?

I hear this refrain daily.

Easton: "Mom, is it Easter time yet."
Mom: "Not yet.  Not for a week or so."
Easton: "I really like Easter time."
Mom: "I know you do bud."
Easton: "I don't want to miss it."

And so it goes, each day we have this same conversation. 

The boy also enjoys watching himself open all of his Christmas presents again and again on the flip camera.   It's sixteen minutes of boredom to everyone else but to Easton it's non-stop entertainment. 

                            Oh the joy and excitement found in holidays when you are a child.


Lee Family said...

Hi Charisse, do you remember me from Moscow? I saw your blog through Heidi's. You are such an expert decorator!! I especially love your little girl's room. I totally love your style. Anyway, hope you guys are doing well!!
-Niki Lee

Jo said...

Ah a narcissist already. :-)