Monday, March 29, 2010

I Did Not Forget

I wanted to ensure Easton knew I wouldn't miss Easter so we went to two egg hunts over the weekend.

My sister Danielle accompanied us to the first egg hunt.  It was held in the Lehi pool and it was a blast.  Easton loved jumping in the wading pool and searching for eggs.  He even won a big Easter basket filled with toys and candy.  After the hunt we all swam in the pool, much to Marielle's delight.

Danielle gave him this kite and a glow stick while she was here.  This kid loves glow sticks.  I mean LOVES glow sticks.  He constantly carries them around with him, sleeps with them and even hands them out at preschool for show and tell even though they no longer glow and are months old. 

On Saturday we went to This Is The Place monument for another egg hunt and it really was the 'place.'  About half of the state of Utah attended making it crowded and not so fun.  However, Easton did manage to find a golden egg worth 4 tickets to the aquarium.  Lucky kid.

I'm not sure what is going on in this picture.

And Little Miss is starting to walk at 10 months of age.  She will take a couple of steps and then slink to the floor where she prefers to crawl. 

Here she is doing the 'slink.'


Mandy said...

Love the pictures! I can attest to the love of glow sticks! The other kids love it when Easton brings them to school. We all run into the bathroom to see them glow (or not..:)

Jo said...

Ah a slinky baby. ;-) Your kids are so cute!!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully Marrielle will start to walk soon. See you soon.