Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coupon Happy

I know Clint is really going to like this post. 
For $10.07 at Target you would be able to purchase the below items.

However, if use coupons you can get all of this for the same amount of $.

10 boxes of cereal
4 boxes of crackers
12 cans of vegetables
8 cream soups
2 tubs of butter
7 wipes
10 rolaids
2 marshmallows

Coupons and Target make me happy!!


Kristin said...

I've never couponed at Target. Do you order your coupons from ebay?

Karol said...

take me w/ you next time!!! that's awesome!

Colleen said...

Way to go Reese. I have been missing my cuz. When can we play with you??

Holly said...

WOW! What the heck?!?!? I have been a slacker in the couponing department, but even when I did it I never did at Target. I assumed the deals weren't as good there, and BOY was I wrong! Please teach me how to do this!

Tiffany said...

Please post on how to do this or if I come up from Oak City will you teach me some couponing 101?

Heidi B C said...

Target is great because they price match and take store plus manufact. coupons.

Jenny G. said...

You did so awesome!! :)