Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Thanksgiving

Marielle and I both celebrated firsts- her first Thanksgiving and my first time hosting the event.  We had my family as well as Clint's family over for the traditional meal.  I had a rough start as I grabbed my turkey out of the fridge it had been residing in for 4 days only to find the dumb bird still frozen.  I soaked it in cool water and it thawed out just in time to be placed in the oven on schedule.  Everyone helped out by bringing side dishes.


I made little bags filled with treats for each guest that also served as the name cards.  I wrote each persons name on a leaf that I stamped, cut out and placed on the center of the bag.

Everything turned out fabulous and I appreciated all of the great help I received.  I could not have done it without everyone.   To finish the Thanksgiving Day we had a rousing game of Settlers, my favorite.

Easton also had a Thanksgiving celebration at his preschool a couple of days prior to Thanksgiving.  He has the best teacher, Miss Mandy.  ( He used to call her Handy Mandy for some reason.)  The children  sang a few songs and then we enjoyed a turkey dinner.  It was so cute to watch the children sing.  They did a fabulous job!

Although Marielle was not able to eat turkey at her first Thanksgiving she did enjoy delicious rice cereal with harvest vegetables.  Marielle is 6 months old now and she adores food.  There has not been anything she will not eat.  I started her on the rice cereal at 5 months and she didn't like that as much but I started adding a little fruit or vegies to it and she enjoyed it much more.

Little Miss also had her incisor teeth grow in just in time for the release of New Moon. 

Marielle weighs in at 16 lbs (51%) and is 27 inches long (85%).  She can sit up and enjoys playing with toys.  Her favorite activity is to chase brother around.  She giggles and giggles as you hold her and run after Easton.  Little Miss loves to sleep as long as she can be in her crib otherwise sleep is not happening.  She goes to bed every night around 6 p.m. and is up for the day around 7 a.m.  Ever since she started teething she gets up 2-3 times a night to nurse. She is quite the squealer and is always making lots of cute high-pitched squeals.  This little one is a happy one!


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Your Thanksgiving looked beautiful. I still need to come and see your house. It looks so nice.

Kristin said...

LOVE the fanged baby!
Your house is beautiful. I really think you're going to regret all the white though... at some later date... lol. I'd be happy if my house could be all black. Nothing would show!