Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Spirit

The Festival of Trees is not only brimming with the most beautiful, amazing trees you have ever seen, the stories behind each tree are so touching.  My eyes always well up with tears as I see the faces and hear a little about the life each tree is dedicated to. 

If you notice Easton has his snow boots on.  Even though the boots are two sizes too big he insists upon clomping around in them wherever he goes.  He also insists upon bringing his giant plastic candy cane with him as well.  The candy cane was purchased at the dollar store recently.  It was a tough decision between a turkey baster and the candy cane but in the end the candy cane won out.  Those turkey basters can be a lot of fun though.

Over the weekend we had the chance to get together with our friends from Utah State for a little Christmas party.  Clint lived with these fellows his senior year and daresay the fun never stopped at the Chateau. 


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