Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Why is it that winter seems to drag on and summer flys by in the blink of an eye. Easton is very distraught just thinking about it. He has been having such a fun summer and will be starting pre-school once the school year begins.Easton has enjoyed frequenting several local carnivals. Apparently the carnies and germ-infested rides don't deter this little dare devil. He would ride on all the rides if he were tall enough. What is summer without going to a parade or two? It took all my willpower to not jump out in the street and help Easton gather up candy. He did a pretty good job of gathering goodies, with some help from his cousins. He's still young yet.
Easton ran in the Kid's Fun Run and I don't think it was that fun for him. Halfway through the race he threw in the towel and had a mini melt down. However, he managed to pull it together and finished the race. I guess we'll have to do a little training for next year.
Each day we try and have mini-school. Pants are not required at this school-just come as you are. Easton loves to put on his backpack and come knock on the door to the "school house" located in the guest bedroom. We spend about 30 minutes (or as long as I have patience for) learning about the ABC's, numbers, colors and more.

This crazy guy doesn't slow down for a minute. Not even to try and get a family picture taken.


Jo said...

Love all the pictures of Easton. How's he doing with Marielle?

Anonymous said...

What a funny family you have, especially "my Easton"; I love reading your posts.