Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Easton celebrated his 3rd birthday on June 30th. I'm a little slow at posting-as per usual. When we asked Easton what he wanted to do for his birthday he replied "roller skating!" We told him he could have a roller skate party if he went poo-poo in the toilet. Well, he did- and has yet to do it again. Ugh. However, on a side note- Number 1 he has got down. No accidents, even at night. Now if I could just get him to go number 2 because Clint and I are tired of cleaning out dirty unders.
I digress- so we had a roller skating pizza party and Easton loved it. I made him this roller skate birthday cake to match his party theme. I made the skates by filling two empty soup cans with batter and baking them along with the cake.

We were at the rink for over three hours and when we went to leave Easton had a huge fit. He loves to party. I made this edible centerpiece for the party. It's mint chocolate suckers I made from candy melts and stuck into floral foam.
Easton received so many fabulous gifts from his family. Thanks everyone. The next morning following his party was like Christmas morn. He came into our room bright and early while we were still sleeping and wanted his toys out of their packages. Apparently the skating did not wear him out enough the night before.A fun time was had by all.

I love my sweet little guy. He is full of energy and keeps me busy but he keeps me laughing all day long too. He has a love of 'junk' including ear plugs, rubber bands, combs, old credit cards and more. He likes to call me 'Ma' for some reason. He just loves to dance and when we are driving if I try to dance with him he says "No Mom." I guess I don't have the right moves. Happy Birthday Easton!!

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Mum Dyreng said...

We always have such a great time just watching Easton have a great time. The smiles, laughter, funny faces - all make for a very enjoyable party.