Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So Blessed

Marielle is now two months old. On Sunday we had the opportunity to bless her. Clint gave her such a beautiful blessing. My ever-so-talented mother made her beautiful blessing gown out of the same material my wedding dress was made out of. Almost six years ago Clint and I were married and to have Marielle's blessing gown created from the same fabric I wore on that very day we created our family was so special to me. Thanks mom.

Shots from the luncheon held at our home following the blessing.

I created a dessert buffet for our guests to help themselves to yummy treats from following the meal. We had ham, cheese potatoes, coconut strawberry salad, maple glazed carrots and seven-layer salad for dinner. The buffet featured chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing, macaroons and an assortment of pink candies.

It was such a beautiful day. I am truly blessed to have two sweet little children and a wonderful husband. I am grateful all of our family was able to attend.


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Everything looks so pretty. She is beautiful.Love her dress.

Brooke said...

You are so very talented. What a beautiful party for such a beautiful baby. I love her dress too. Your mother is amazing. Those Williams girls are sewing divas.

Your birth story was great. I need to sit and write the girls down. I'm already starting to forget things. That could be the lack of sleep. That's all going to change this week however. Tonight they are getting the boot from my room and they are getting cut off of night feedings. Sleeping through the night was the best thing I could ever have given Myles. He is a great sleeper now and I love it.

Glad I found your blog.
Cheers to you and your beautiful lil' family.

Lyndsey said...

This is DARLING!!! You need to help with next year's cupcake party ;) I don't see you email so you can email me at lyndseyfagerlund@gmail.com and give me your address...I already edited a picture that I LOVE for you! I'm glad I found your blog-love it! Everything on it is so cute!