Friday, July 17, 2009

Little Miss Marielle

Look at that face. Oh how I love my baby girl. She is quite the chub weighing in at 13 pounds 10 ounces which puts her in the 95th percentile for her juiciness. She is in the 85th percentile for her length at 23.5 inches.
I haven't yet finished decorating her room. I'm waiting to get a dresser and side table which will help me determine where I want to hang things up. I purchased the fabric online. My mom made her bedding and I made the curtains. I love this toile. Actually I have a deep love for all toile and would probably wallpaper our house in toile if Clint would let me. But alas, his love of toile does not run as deep as mine does so I'm lucky to have Marielle's room in toile, my craft room in toile and our dining room chairs upholstered in toile.
I painted the walls in a light cream color and then did a pink accent wall. We had a guy in our ward come and do the crown moulding. We actually had him put up the crown throughout almost our entire home. I will have to post pictures of that later.

She is my little angel now. The first two months were a little rough- I'm not going to lie. She would wake up every two hours at night to eat and didn't sleep all that well during the day either. At night she seemed especially fussy and suffered from a bit of acid reflux. However, at two months I moved her into her crib and out of our room and now she sleeps 6-7 hours at night. It is heavenly. Plus during the day she sleeps like a champ as well. After she wakes up from a nap she has about an hour of wakefulness and then I start our little routine to put her back down. If she gets tired she gets fussy- she needs her sleep.

Look at those chubby little legs. I can't get enough of this girl.


Holly & Kasey said...

Oh she is such a doll! I love her little chubby cheeks!!!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, Charisse! She is soo cute! I love her chubby little self. And what an amazing job you've done on her room!! I want you come do my whole house. You have such a talent for decorating. I love toile, too.

Jo said...

Holy chubbiness!! Although, I don't know why we'd expect anything less after Easton. ;)

EBWalker said...

Ems is super impressed with you home decorating skills.

littlegreen said...

Oh man, she is sooo cute! I love her! And I LOVE what you did with her room, it is so beautiful and adorable!

Mum Dyreng said...

What can I say!? Marielle is totally a perfect grandchild in every way. And Charisse is totally a perfect daughter in every way! Such talent you have, Charisse.