Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Blah Bathroom

This little Miss has now mastered the art of crawling up stairs.  She has not mastered coming down the stairs however, unless you count trying to go down head first.  It is now time for one of those obnoxious gates to be placed in front of the staircase.
{ I can't get enough of this smiley face.}

Several months ago I gave my bland, builder beige bathroom a mini makeover.  I was so tired of looking at this:

With a tiny budget {enough to buy a can of paint and a shower curtain rod} and some fabric I had on hand I transformed the blah into this: 
{slightly less bland bathroom}

The tiebacks are hooks I purchased for $2 a piece and originally planned to use them in  Marielle's room to hang a few things on but I never did. 

I love a good apothecary jar or two.  Not only do they look fabulous, they are functional as well as inexpensive.  I purchased mine at various places, Roberts craft store {using a 50% off coupon}, yard sales and Ross.

I have a list in my mind of  many more things to do to the bathroom such as add a mini chandelier above the tub but husbands and $$ prevent such things from happening.  For now I will just enjoy not having a beige bathroom any longer.


Heidi B C said...

I love the color! I've always been a green fan. Very relaxing color, which is great for the bathroom. It looks wonderful!

Kristin said...

don't do the gate. just teach her how to go down feet first. it really is easier, and none of my kids took more than a few days to learn.

I like Westy said...

I love it. You have a gift.

angie said...

I have a mini chandelier (looks like your style) that is looking for a new home. I bet you could do wonders with it. It just doesn't fit the decor of my house. If you are interested in a photo, let me know. I'm sure I could ship it pretty inexpensively.

sportyrls said...

I love all of your room makeovers- big and small! You are very talented and everything always looks great- especially for being on a budget : ).

Katie Booth said...

Looks great Riss! I LOVE apocrathey jars!

kate said...

I LOVE this, I wish I was allowed to paint in our rental, one day!
love ya! Should we do lunch? Maybe at some disgusting place with a play area so the kids can run while we chat? let me know! Or maybe just at someone's house?