Friday, August 21, 2009


Every Tuesday during the month of August you will find us at Thanksgiving Point. For only $2 per person you can get into any of the venues. Easton enjoyed feeding the goats at Farm Country.

I made Blackberry Jam with the fresh blackberries Clint and I picked. Every year we like to battle the prickly blackberry plant to pick these sweet berries. I tried to make the jam while Marielle was sleeping but halfway through the process she woke up and was fussy right as the fruit began to boil. Then Easton decided he wanted to be a part of the process too and climbed up on the counter and filled some of my jars with water. I was trying to console Marielle, dry out my jars and stir the boiling fruit. It's amazing the jam even turned out.

And as promised, a picture of the finished frame project. Not the best picture as I was trying to console Marielle while snapping a quick pic.


Justin and Lori said...

I love all your projects! So ambitious!

Karol said...

Is that jam set on one of YOUR cake platters, by chance? So Pretty. :)

littlegreen said...

I love the picture board, it's gorgeous!!