Friday, November 7, 2008

More Catch-Up

The first snowfall of the season occurred in early October. We woke up Sunday morning to a blanket of glistening snow covering the ground which Easton immediately wanted to play in.

For those of you who may not know, Clint is quite the dancer and loves to dance with Sandie. The grapevine is his favorite move as seen here. Just look at the great form and style he has. Now if only I could get him to take me dancing.

After playing in the chilly snow it was time for hot chocolate and "blue white treat" as Easton calls the Cool Whip.


Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun that day. MMMMMM, hot chocolate. I need to go and make me some.

Jennifer said...

That's probaly one thing good about winter is cup after cup of hot chocolate!

Holly said...

I can't believe it is snowing already. it's going to be 75 here this week! I wish it was colder, but that's vegas. Easton looks so cute sippin his hot chocolate. nice moves Clint!

karol said...

Hey Charisse! It really is so crazy that I won't give up on that fabulous recipe -- it's almost haunting, I'm sure!! :) But, I'm glad I ran into you the other day, because I'm finishing up our family cookbook and really wanted to put your recipe in it. It is THAT good! ;) Thanks again. My email is

BTW, your blog is so cute! I love the picture on top!

Kim and Steve said...

Go Clint! Cute dog!!