Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Little Monster

Easton was "Sully" from Monsters Inc. for Halloween. I was nervous he wouldn't wear his costume because every time I put it on him he immediately wanted it off. (Can't say I blame him. Who wants a bunch of fur in their face.) However, once he realized people gave him candy while wearing his costume- he loved it.
Sandy was an ATF bomb sniffer dog.

Running around the neighborhood with cousin Jake as fast as their little legs would take them in order to gather as much candy as possible. That's my boy!
Easton is now working on getting diabetes. He insists he eat his whole bucket of candy at once. What's a mom to do? I enjoy eating the candy as much as he does. Those kit kat's are delicious.


Jo said...

Easton makes a very cute Sully.

Holly said...

ah, he is so cute! I'm impressed he left the furry hat on. My kids do the same thing with trying to eat on the first night. and I also took their kit kats! haha

Walker paradise said...

cute picture of jake and easton running! but we do disagree on some things....kit kats? ewww

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

looks so cute in his costum, so glad you had so much fun!