Thursday, January 10, 2008

Strike a Pose

I had the chance to tend Jane, Easton's cousin. I decided to try out my new camera and have a photo shoot with these two cuties. I asked Easton to show me Blue Steel but for some reason sitting next to Jane was really funny so he had a hard time focusing on the shoot. I think Jane was unsure as to what was going on.


Tyler Roberts said...

Cute kids! Congrats on the new house also. Thanks for the Christmas card, now I can keep up with Thomps via this blog.

Katherine said...

So Cute! I am totally jealous of your camera! You have to let me know if you love it.

Jane is so cute! I hadn't even see a picture of her yet. We need to get Kara to do a BLOG too! She is beautiful! Way to go Thad! :)

Aryn said...

What are we- chop liver! I stumbled upon your site through Mark & Natalie's- ah thought we were better friends then that.

Cute blog- Easton is getting so big and his Dad.

Walker paradise said...

Is it me or does Jane resemble Tynley? I think you could definetly say they are related