Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One Republic Concert

My brother gave me a concert ticket to One Republic for my birthday. ( They are the band that is playing on our blog right now. )

My sisters came over from Grand Junction and myself and my siblings all went to the concert together. We had such an awesome time! The concert was amazing. The lead singer of One Republic has such a powerful voice. They were just as good live as they are on the radio. We couldn't hear anything for about a day after but the hearing loss was worth seeing the performance.


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Happy Birthday ( A Little late)
Sounds like you had a fun. Cute pictures with your sisters and brother.

Are you guys in your new house? How is that coming along. I am excited for you guys :)

Holly said...

aaaaahhhh! look at your sisters!! and the concert sounded soooo fun!

Walker paradise said...

seriously is it grand junction bred or what but I love the cranberries! I should tell you stories of danalee and I stalking the cranberries all over the country speaking of concerts...and yes it was our pre mission mission to meet deloris....and we did! Also who loves the 80's hair band music? Could it be....the murdoch breed? don't get me wrong I like it but whoa tyson luuuuvs it! peace

angie said...

This is so great seeing you all together!