Monday, November 17, 2014

School Time Fun

Marielle received an assignment for school to decorate a turkey feather with something our family is grateful for.  When I asked her what she was grateful for she replied, "the gospel, Jesus and our family."  She was very insistent that we put a picture of Jesus on the feather as well as a picture of our family.  I love that she wanted a picture of Christ to decorate her feather with. Plus lots of glitter flowers and a heart.

For Halloween Easton received an assignment to construct a haunted house which he then had to write a story about in school.

This is his I'm-trying-not-to-blink look. 

He did a great job of designing his haunted house and decorating it- with a little help from mom.

Marielle's class had a teddy bear picnic a while ago.  The students had completed various teddy bear projects and invited all the families to see what they had been working on. 

We enjoyed eating snacks with our teddy bears and spending time with Marielle at school.

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