Sunday, September 14, 2014

Enjoying Two Littles

I love babies.  This baby is 18 months old now and I could just eat her up. 
She managed to stealthily sneak off with the box of Honeycomb one morning and I found her enjoying her after breakfast snack in my bedroom.

She weighs 21 pounds and is only in the 5-10%tile for her weight and in the 50-75%tile for her height at 32 inches.

She is talking a lot more saying: all done, night-night, shoe, Eason ( Easton), ball, ginget (which means blanket), more, nose, eyes, bye-bye, baby and lots more- I just can't think of right now.

I am really enjoying the time I get to have with just these two little juices during the day while the big ones are away at school.  Turns out Marielle is having a fabulous time at all day Kindergarten and so I have learned to enjoy it as well.  She comes home tired but happy.  She loves to learn.

We found this treasure on the side of the road -waiting for a new home.  The girls enjoy playing in it daily, although you can't tell by the look on Esme's face.  She was sad about some purses she wanted at that moment.

Ana had found all of these purses and Esme, of course, wanted ever single one of them and tried to take them from her just like she does everything on a daily basis.  Whatever Ana has, suddenly it's the eighth wonder of the world and Esme must have it at that very second.  Notice the look of contempt she is giving Ana.

But Ana shared her purses and made everything better.

I'm enjoying the opportunity I get to spend each day with these cuties.  They make me happy.

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