Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where Have We Been?

Well, June flew by like a rocket.  Here is a little recap of what we've been up to.

My brother was married on June 11th in Seattle. We rented an RV and made the trek northward.  Easton loved the RV and the RV loved gas. I don't know that I loved spending so much money on gas. However, we had a fabulous trip and enjoyed stopping to see several friends on the way up and back from Seattle.

                                                                     The very happy couple.

Are you wondering why my dress is different from my sisters? ( Maybe you're not but I will tell you anyway.)  My sister forgot my dress as well as Marielle's at the hotel.   She felt really bad though so I won't name which sister it was.  

My beautiful little sisters.

I have lots of pictures of our trip, 404 to be exact.  I will post more later.  Hopefully.


Melissa said...

Hey congrats to your brother.
Can you post more of him and his new wife?
That RV sounds like it must take about as much petrol as our landcruiser.
Did you get to see any sites in Seattle?
It's a great city.

jeana said...

I was thinking your dress was different because you were the cool/special sister :) An RV trip sounds like lots of fun.. can't wait to see more pics

kryskamp said...

ooh, looks beautiful, even with a different "special" dress! What fun! My brother is getting married in august in slc... exciting! we should do lunch... this time I was thinking we should just meet at a mcdonald's play place or something, it's not as nice, but at least the kids could run while we chatted!?

Jo said...

That really is such a pretty area. Wasn't the highway cool going over that lake on the way from Bellevue to Seattle. Crazy!! Sounds like you take trip pictures like me...the more the better.